Condition of ketosis

Condition of ketosis

It's not, therefore, a hyperproteic diet Dukan style, however with high-content of fats. Consequently, the liver stops consuming glucose and, rather Green Coffee, uses fat as a source of energy, your body adopts a condition of ketosis, meaning body fat reserves are changed into ketones that feed your muscle mass and also the brain.


rather of glucose, by doing this, weight sheds rapidly at the start, even though the is unquestionably being fooled, warns Paula Saiz de Bustamante, pharmaceutical specialist in diet and director of Nutricion-Online.internet.Your body is made to take all of the nutrients within the right quantities.


All of them (carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, pasta, grain ...) fat: fish for example salmon, seeds,, essential olive oil, proteins: eggs, dairy, meat ...) includes a role to experience, insist the specialists.


In such cases, it is necessary for the professional to provide information about the available data and the absence of conclusive information. It can be indicated that DC is safe and that the probability of potential benefits would outweigh the risk of adverse effects. It is necessary to have more objective data obtained by conducting controlled clinical studies.


The effect of low-carbohydrate diets on weight loss has been recognized for several decades. Undoubtedly, the consumption of sugar generates an effect similar to an addiction at the brain level, in addition to being stored as fat when we do not burn calories through physical activity. In recent years there have been multiple studies that try to understand why this rapid weight reduction occurs and what are the consequences of very low carbohydrate diets for overall health.

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